2016-2018 National GFWC Membership New/ SW Region

This is the information that has come from the South Central membership Chairman Penny Peterson.

Hi Everyone!
It was so great to be able to spend time with many of you this past weekend! I hope you all had a safe trip home. My luggage made the trip safely, too!

I have attached a copy of the October GFWC Membership News. THANK YOU so much for sharing it with the members in your state. As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions , you may wish to share, please let me know. I have attached a copy of the script the GFWC Membership Committee members have been using at the region conferences, if you wish to use any part of it in your communiqué to your members.

In federation friendship,

PENNY W. PETERSON |2016-2018 GFWC Membership Committee Member
2641 E. Lupine Avenue | Phoenix, Arizona 85028-1825
P: 602-971-2874 | C: 602-791-1745 | E: penny.peterson@cox.net


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